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Currently, I study international relations in order to obtain a master's degree. However, I decided, to devote myself to learn how to create websites, and in the future I also hope for mobile applications. It is something that makes me happy and learning this is my priority now.


I graduated from an IT technical secondary school and obtained a bachelor's degree in the field of international relations. I am currently in the process of obtaining a master's degree in international relations, and in the future I intend to complete post-graduate studies in the field of Internet and mobile applications.


The best skill I have is knowing how to learn. I’m a good self-learner who are able to keep up with learning new technologies. If i don’t know the answer, I will do whatever it takes to find the solution.


I really like what I do. Since I started, I spend a lot of free time on improving my skills and systematically adding new things.


HTML was the first thing I decided to learn. At the moment I think I know it very well, of course I am aware that there are many things I can improve.
CSS, like HTML, was one of the first things I decided to learn. I think I know it at the level that allows me to work with it freely.
I realize that JS is one of the most difficult things I have learned so far. Everyday exercises allow me to assimilate it more and more, but I know that a lot of work is ahead of me.
I'm much better at using SCSS because it's what I use for my projects. I think I know it on a good level.
I realize that building responsive websites is a necessity these days, which is why I spend a lot of time perfecting this aspect. In my projects I adhere to the principle of mobile first.